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In Tribute to William T. Whitaker and Stacy L. Whitaker

Inscription on the memorial: William T. Whitaker, 1854-1922, Benefactor-Educator-Father, Stacy L. Whitaker, 1860-1919, Companion - Confidant - Mother On this site in 1897 The Whitaker Orphans Home, first orphanage for white children in Indian Territory was constructed. Being one eight Cherokee Indian, Mr. Whitaker used the Forty acres of 140 given by Cherokee allotment to provide for the homeless and helpless children. Through his deligence and patience money was raised by the good and kind people in Oklahoma and the nation to support this much needed endeavor. In 1908, after all Mr. Whitaker's monetary sources had been depleted the State of Oklahoma took possession of the institution. At the closing of Whitaker State Home in 1983 the institution had grown to include six hundred and forty acres and thousands of children had passed through its doors. Each child regardless of race, color or religion departed through hard work, deligence and Christian charity now to take his or her place in the world as useful productive citizens. To the State of Oklahoma, the People of Pryor and all others please know of our deepest gratitude for our home and the care and education, provided for us for many years. To the memory of William T. and Stacy Whitaker with Honor and Love. As surely as God's hand was felt to the work they did for us. Dedicated Jun 6, 1992, THE CHILDREN.

This is Mr. Whitaker and some of his first children. Mr. Whitaker is sitting in the far left corner.

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I have some wonderful news that will be of some help to some of you. Recently I was contacted by Linda Colvard. Linda has decided to devote her time to helping those searching for friends or loved ones. She feels that God has been kind to her and her family and that she felt called upon to help others. Linda is doing this FREE of charge so if you wish for her help just get in touch with her and do remember that any research will take time and that she is doing this freely. I wish you much success! My special Thanx to Carin for letting me know about Linda. Carin was looking for an aunt that was at Whitaker and Linda found her aunt! Isn't that wonderful!!! Linda you are an ANGEL! Linda Colvard 7925 So. Florence Tulsa, OK 74136-8713 918-492-5841 Email

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Whitaker State Home

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